@myloveisunderground thank you for the music

@myloveisunderground thank you for the music

Let’s Get Naked (Underground Mix) - Silk E [Clubhuse, 1991]

freaky friday x

Two - Kerri Chandler [Large, 1995]

Today - Ian Pooley [Force Inc. US, 1995]

a pioneering dj, a great producer, and he helped break daft punk to the world - ian pooley. i’ll never forget hearing this in turnmills at around 2008 and just losing it when the 303 comes in. a sure shot track for the peak of a party.

Get It Together - Romanthony [Brooklyn Trax, 1996]

fantastic record picked up today from mister anthony moore. i love the non-computerised drums (possibly chopped from “is it all over my face?”, the one with the female vocal) and those lovely chords!

r.i.p. baby